Core Team

Core Values

We Are Ignited

We believe that the only way to make progress is to keep showing up, and that lasting transformation is possible when we take action together.

We Are Curious

We promise to stay open and listen to one another, especially when we have different views. We will question our assumptions and not be fearful of the unknown--that’s how we learn, and that’s how we’ll grow.

We Are Fierce

We believe wisdom and compassion are born from our darkest hours. We know there is beauty in our pain, so when the going gets tough, we persist. We promise to bravely do the things we are most afraid to do. And we will support each other when it’s not easy.

We Are Intersectional

We believe that injustice for some is injustice for all. If we are going to create lasting change, everyone’s voice is necessary at the table. We are more powerful together.

We Are Zero Bullshit

We believe our most vulnerable truths are what unite us, and transparency is integral to building a strong, thriving community.

Radical Transparency

We Are Affordable

Our goal is to bring the wisdom of the smallest rooms into the largest rooms possible. There are countless women's conferences with stellar lineups, but their price tags are inhibitive. We are committed to offering a plentiful selection of $25 tickets at all our shows. For what you pay for a movie and a slice of pizza, you'll experience a night in some of the most beautiful theaters in the country, hearing from the seminal voices on purpose, resilience, and relationships.

We Are Connected

Our passion is connecting passionate people. And after years of touring with live events, one clear take-away has always stood out—our audiences wanted a way to stay connected after the magic of the event was over. So when we launched Together, we created the Together Live Mobile App. After each event, people with shared passions and common purpose can stay connected both virtually and in person--think of us as for purpose and fulfillment. And as Glennon Doyle says, "One warrior who is unafraid is a miracle, but thousands of warriors who are unafraid? That's a revolution." 

We Are Inclusive

If your voice is underrepresented on the world stage, you belong on our stage. In 2016 our speakers were diverse in race, religion, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and that was just our inaugural tour. As we grow, we will continue to elevate voices from all walks of life.

We Are Together

Together is wholly run by a small multigenerational team of women with a few extraordinary partners. Above all, we are committed to living the messages we espouse on our stage behind the scenes.

Our Partners

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