Here’s what we’re talking about this week: A mixed-gender monument

Last week, the first group of women graduated from the United States Army infantry training last week, a true milestone for our country. As The New York Times reported, The Army sought to play down the mixed-gender monument, as Lt. Col Sam Edwards stated, “It’s business as usual.” With no gender exceptions made for infantry boot camp, The Army has developed gender-neutral performance standards in recent years. But some females view the achievement differently. One drill sergeant pulled aside a group of female privates to let them know they we’re making history. “This is a big deal,” she proclaimed.

Here are a few other things we’ve been chatting about this week:

  • In lieu of the tragic stabbing Friday in Portland, Oregon, we were moved by Mayor Ted Wheeler’s words about the two victims of the terrible hate crime. “Their actions were brave and selfless, and should serve as an example and inspiration to us all. They are heroes.”
  • Take a look at these moving photos from across the nation of American’s paying tribute and respect to our country’s service members yesterday.
  • The Wounded Warrior Project serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness or would on or after September 11th. Join us in giving back to these warriors, their families and their caregivers by clicking here.

Here’s What We’re Talking About This Week: Cheers to you, Mom

The word ‘Mom’ can hold a variety of meanings to us all. Whether Mom represented the woman who brought you into this world, the person who gave you unconditional love & friendship throughout your life, the woman who comforted you through your darkest times, or the one who believed in your biggest dreams, Mom holds a special place in all of our hearts. This week we are filled with gratitude, love and appreciation for all of the moms in our lives. And what better way to celebrate our leading ladies than by making them smile with one of these 25 hysterical Mother’s Day cards.

Here are a few other things we’ve been chatting about this week:

  • Emma Watson, Dylan Minnette and volunteers across New York City’s boroughs are leaving Books on the Subway in hopes you’ll pick one up, take a read and share it with another curious person. We love this project!
  • We’re exploring our H-Spot this week. Want to join in on the fun? Check out this interesting piece on what the female pursuit of happiness looks like.
  • We just signed the Pledge of Liberation, centered on the belief that none of us are free until all of us are free. We’re in this together – so join us by signing here.

Here’s What We’re Talking About This Week: Making Moves For Climate Change

This past Saturday, we joined more than 300,000 people in Washington, DC (and across the country) for the People’s Climate Movement – a demonstration of unity for jobs, justice, and climate action. The demonstration’s organizers casted a wide net to convey that climate change is deeply interwoven with traditional social justice issues like racial, gender and economic inequality. Much like the Women’s March, the signs were brilliant and the vibe was electric. Our favorite part was when the front of the march reached the White House, all 300K people sat down and pounded their chests or clapped their hands to symbolize one collective beating heart – it was a magical moment. Take a look at these highlights from the movement and the picture of our favorite sign below. If you participated, share your story with us here!

Here are a few other things we’ve been chatting about this week:

  • If you’re a huge fan of Aziz Ansari like we are, we think you’ll be interested in this article on why his comedy ultimately went political.
  • Avant-Garde is often used to define new or experimental concepts, especially in the arts. At Monday night’s Met Gala, the avant-garde theme was in full force, and we loved the bold & daring looks.
  • Water has the power: to break the cycle of poverty, to protect and save lives, and to make a bright future possible. Find out here how you can put the power of water into the hands of those in need.